I am SOOO excited to share the news with our SB following that I'm PREGNANT!!!  I know the collection MAVERICK was inspired by this little dude (yes a BOY!) which is all too perfect because we're naming him Rock!
After designing the Goldie Hoop (and collection), it was a wild success so I've been super intimidated to design for Rock.
Yesterday evening I was in the mood for unforgettable yet minimalistic {quite the design challenge}!  After getting back in touch with my design roots (as i worked with tons of 14k goldfill square wire 2007-2009ish) I came up with these refreshingly sleek pieces.  The vibe is just like the name ROCK - masculine, strong, & natural.  Rock also can mean anchor which fits perfectly as i see these pieces being just that - your wardrobe anchors!  
The ROCK collection is made with the highest quality of solid 14k goldfill and we are offering you the solid sterling silver options as well.  14k goldfill is throughout - there is not plating nor layer that will corrode. It is hypoallergenic, heirloom quality, and will never tarnish.  Sterling silver will also last forever but does need to be polished occasionally.  We are also offering surgical steel which is extremely sturdy, highly corrosion-resistant and naturally darker than silver.  It is a great cost option but is not suitable for anyone with nickel allergies.
  • The 'X' ROCK earring has been in my head for months and is my symbol for him.  X marks the spot he's got in my heart; wear it to represent what has a special place in yours! (click images to shop)
  • The 'O' ROCK earring is a perfect small hoop!  It hugs your ear just right and is the perfect adorable size.  This piece is surprisingly stunning on.  They say a chef can be best judged by their most simple dish, well I am proud of putting yet another new hoop on our resume.  Every season, I challenge myself to do a new version of the hoop, here you go!  (click images to shop)
  • Here's the ROCK Loop; a hoop in our signature large size with some unique architecture.  I love how this one plays with a vertical statement behind your ear.  Sleek, fashion forward & modern! (click images to shop)
  • The Greek ROCK is an extremely flattering shape! I've always been obsessed with Greek adornment and it's a secret wish of mine to design for a period film with Greek Godesses! This earring elongates with elegant form and architectural intrigue. (click images to shop)
  • Quickly an office and fan favorite, the ROCK Bolt is the shot of electricity we all need!  See this one in the video below - it is SO dang cute on!  I love the idea of a Bolt in one ear and an X ROCK in the other... (click images to shop)
  • Sensual and sleek, the last and certainly not least... ROCK Dagger earring!  If I had stock in these, I would've worn these today.  I'm picturing summer dresses, hair in a low pony, some mascara, rosy cheeks and these guys.  This really could be the only earring you'll need all summer!  (click images to shop)
Wondering how to get this type of earring in your ear?  Watch me put it on here (without a mirror)


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