Beauty Secrets | Got my face scraped!

I am a passionate girl and a total sucker for all things beauty-related so I'm sharing this amazing find with other beauty lovers..

I came back from a beach trip truly wondering if I should consider botox.  This thought hadn't crept into my head before so it surprised me! I LOVE wrinkles, laugh lines & scars.  I feel like everyone looking ageless would be so boring and unnatural.  Anyhow, being human, I just didn't recognize myself for a moment and wanted to fix it.  

How about getting your face scraped with a medical blade??  See me getting it done here!

It sounds scary but it's not!  I cannot stop looking at and touching my face because it feels so baby soft.  The icing on the cake is it took away a ton of dead skin cells that had built up and made me look all wrinkly.  No more need for botox!



Here is an untouched photo two days post treatment.  You can see, I'm not perfect (laugh lines, neck wrinkles, etc) BUT as a 36 year old I'm pretty dang excited to look this smooth.

Some more pros:

  • Recovery (I'm extrememly sensitve and my face isn't even red after this)
  • No chemicals, no peeling, no burning
  • No more peach fuzz! (takes the hair follicle too!)

If you're in the Dallas area, I get it done at Image Renu. Candace is doing my treatment in the video (I get a lot of treatments done by Heather too!).

Enjoy and let me know if you end up trying Dermaplaning!!!

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