So you want to scale....

I have been in business for over 15 years. I only began to scale nearly 5 years ago. Something in me changed and so did my business behaviors.  I'm sharing 10 of those with YOU!

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1 STOP DOING THE DAILY STUFF. Work on freeing up your time for things that further the business like sales, marketing, partnerships, awareness,etc. You will stay as Mr Wonderful says, a hobby and not a business as long as you don't live this. Ask yourself if you want to scale, if the answer is yes, then make the plan and STOP doing the things you can hire people to do.

2 HIRE. Stop being so afraid no one is going to do it like you. Some won't, some will actually do it better. You won't find out until you employ them! Also, I was stuck thinking I need 20k in my pocket if I hire someone to make that in a year. Shark-tank-Barbara on the podcast 'How I built this' taught me from her own experience that you just need 4-6 weeks of payroll. Think of needing 2-3 of their paychecks and then put a plan in place of how your extra time is going to make up for that! This one took me forever to take the leap but paid off the MOST!

3 UNDERSTAND GROWTH VS SURGE. Set you plan for growth and map a few years out at that rate and budget expenses accordingly. When something happens that gives you a boost in sales, do NOT assume this is now your new rate of growth. Watch it carefully, and be ready if and when it comes back to your plan of growth. We learned this one the hard way. Year 13 of 15.

4 PLAN ON BEING GIVING. Decide now how much and of what you want to give away. Do it and watch the customer appreciation, loyalty + devotion that will follow!

5. STICK WITH IT. I've seen countless businesses come and go. It's never their IG feed, money they have, incredible photography, etc.  Literally the businesses still around are the ones who stuck it out. They stayed on the stair-master no matter how much it hurt and how fast it went.  They got back on every time they fell off.  Learn how to handle the roller-coaster and take the hits. This alone will take you so many places.

6. BE OK WITH TURTLE. You want to grow so fast. You see Karen doing it. Why isn't it happening for you? Settle down. Things take time. Wait for good growth in the right ways.

7. PLAN ON FAILING. Prepare for when things don't go as planned. Don't waste time hoping it doesn't happen or mourning when it does.  Just change to plan B!

8. BE A SHARK. 2 things changed me and made all the difference. How I Built This with Aden and Anais + this shark quote. "Do sharks complain about Monday? No, because sharks are out there chasing things, eating ****, being scary, and reminding everyone that they are a ******* shark." I made choices to make my business grow. Sacrifices. And I expected sympathy from no one. I gained power from this!

9. EAT THE LEMON. Another life changing quote!!! "When life gives you lemons. Eat them whole. Seriously. Just choke them down... skin, pulp, seeds, and all. And don't break eye contact. Maybe life will stop being such an ******* if you show it that you're done ******* around." Lemons are going to show up. Build yourself up + toughen up now so you can handle them when they do.

10. BE NAIVE + KIND. No matter how tough you have learned you have to be, stay YOU! Keep the vision of what made you start. Be teachable + God will send you mentors along the way.

From my heart to yours!





Your thoughts are fabulous and on point. Thanks for sharing this…I have printed and written a couple of your quotes on my whiteboard for a daily reminder. #girlboss


Debbie Fellwock September 16, 2020

Very Well Said!!!!

Debbie September 16, 2020

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