Our latest collection is inspired by these powerful and inspirational women -



This is a woman I started to adore YEARS ago. Number one, I noticed her excellent hair, makeup + jewelry style. Number two, I saw a woman that was brave enough to persist in being herself while being analyzed publicly on national television with The Bachelor. Not only did she continue to be herself proudly, BUT with an infectious happiness that bubbles out of her. Her power is strong. She cares for her daughter and women around her with fierceness. She pursues entrepreneurship with courage. She doesn’t stop in all of her success to have a bleeding heart for women in need, especially suffering from domestic violence. Michelle exudes power in her style, her happy glow, and in her massive heart. Enjoy the MONEY collection inspired by her. This is for her + the women out there trudging new paths, smiling while they do it + and not leaving anyone behind!



 Betsy and I had booths near each other at a Pinners conference many years ago. Her infectious exuberance immediately made me her biggest fan for life! SHE IS THE ULTIMATE HYPE GIRL! She constantly lifts others around her with no thought of personal gain. She is afraid of NOTHING when it comes to standing out and expressing her personal style. Her love for family + business have led her to incredible success while she procures an admirable life balance with the humblest, giving heart. The Betsy pieces are bold and unique like their namesake. They also have a down-to-earth vibe that makes even though striking, still warm and comfortable just like Betsy!!! Betsy literally changes lives ALL the time. She is filled with genius and uses it for good CONSTANTLY. May these pieces honor her power she shines so abundantly. May these pieces honor you and the light you shine, may they frame your incredible uniqueness you unabashedly bring that make this life indeed richer.



Honored is an understatement when I think of the opportunity I get to design for this woman. There is not a truer heart in existence. Jamie and I talked about doing pieces like this long ago, bringing them to you now is such a blessing!!! What an incredible study of Power Jamie is. She builds literal strength with her physical form, constantly bringing women up globally through her example. But this is just the vehicle for the true strength and resilience of character she embodies. She leads powerfully through example every day. From finding beauty in monarch shells in her yard to fostering injured kittens and standing up to the bullies of the industry that come after her, she is a true shining strength that undeniably lifts us all. No piece could possibly harness the light bursting from her loving aura, but these Jamie pieces are the symbols of what is greater underneath. Designed as emblems marking Jamie’s goodness, and YOURS. They signify the strength and light and love bursting from your soul.

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