JANUARY Best Sellers Try on

YOU decide best sellers!

When we sit back and look at them, we are super proud.  Y'all have great taste. I did NOT want to take so many of these off + had to show you a better idea of what they look like on. Here is a list of what i tried on in order in the try on IGTV.

See the IGTV try on here


Enjoy! Leave us a comment with what you want to see in a try on next!

Kennebec hoop https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=kennebec

 Sparrow huggies https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=sparrow

Honor earcuff https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=honor

Viry chain https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=viry+chain

Sublime charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=sublime

Trident charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=trident

Heath necklace https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=heath

Soleil hoops https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=soleil

Etienne crawler https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=etienne

 Malta threader hoop https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=malta

Sheila earcuff https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=sheila

Depp earcuff https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=depp

Brennon chain https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=brennon

Rona charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=rona

Scout chain https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=scout

Moonrise charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=moonrise

Crystal charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=crystal+charm

Birthstone charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=birthstone

Sloane hoops https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=sloane

Inital charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=initial

Breiden charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=breiden

Simcha charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=simcha

Naked Erika hoop https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=naked+erika

Kynsley diamond hoop https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=kynsley

Kennebec charm https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=kennebec+charm

Monroe suspender post https://sarahbriggs.com/search?q=monroe





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