PLATINUM launch try-on

FAME collection platinum launch!

We got this platinum chain in a few weeks ago and we freaked out! It is GORGEOUS. It is so flattering (somehow makes me feel like a have a tan) + so fresh.  It looks like a whitish silver and shines like a mirror (hence the darkness effect in some of the photography). It goes perfectly with my recent silver obsession.

see the video try on here:

Shopping links in order of appearance:

halsey draped earcuff

demi bar choker

fergie long Y necklace

large sloane twisted mixed metal hoop

scarlet long drop earring

scarlett short drop earring

angelina large hoop

angelina small hoop

margot earcuff dangle

billie suspender post

etienne crawler

PS I don't mention it but I am wearing the mixed metal sloane ring with my wedding set now!


Everything else y'all end up asking about!

My tattoos I get so many DMs about are not real, they are 'for now', they're fruit based ink and last a few weeks.  I do want tattoos and wish I had a sleeve, but I change my mind as often as I release new jewelry so this is perfect for me!


My top says "inspire others" and is from a shop run by some dear friends i met at shows here locally. I not only love the shirt because it feels like I'm in the coolest bowling league, but I looooove these girls! 

the kayes

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