Not gonna lie sometimes i design
just. for. me
no one else in mind
not trying to please the customer
or get in your head
or thinking of what would complement our last release
wipe the freaking board clean
and just gimme what i want!!!
this group is EVERYTHING!
luxe beyond
but look at me - wearing sweats - and taking a lil nap in it
you do not have to look fancy to be fabulous
let your lobes do the talking
let me do your lobes
when i talked to alexis about how these pieces are made,
her eyes widened as she stressed how
delicate they have to be with these metals.
i'm in awe y'all.
not only of the caliber of these pieces (bc wow)
but with this team
i heard chloe say in a manager meeting the other day
that literally everyone here carries their weight.
we have a commitment to you here
better designs | better quality | better prices
and it is literally what brings us joy
this kennedy release is exactly all of that!
i'm excited
i feel on fire after all the decisions to change this company
i feel on fire seeing your response to this collection
i feel on fire getting to come to work every morning
i'm excited for you to wear these pieces
putting on my insane new KENNEDY stack today,
i could not help but feel connected with the woman in me
ready for success
confident in her path
feeling nothing but love and kindness for others
and dying to share that feeling with everyone

enjoy + i love you

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