My phone is ringing and it's Kat. In a day and age where you never answer your phone, you drop the norm and you PICK IT UP!!!

Back it up a bit. Our first convo via texting was chatting about concept. We were thinking Marie Antoinette chokers, possibly even some burgundy velvet...

then we said SCRATCH THAT, she was feeling pop culture vibes like bottle tabs and suspender pins.

So I got on it. And I failed.

Y'all.. round one was HIDEOUS. It was donut based and you would've stopped speaking to me.

Then the creative juices started flowing and I had concepts engraved immediately.

I got to get on a Zoom to present them to KAT and she legit had the BEST feedback like:

- change the bottle tab dimensions,

- add texture to make it look more realistic (engravings)

and then I showed her the STAR eyes emoji and she FLIPPED!!!! I threw it in there bc I saw her use it all the time and it was perfect bc she loves to tell women they are all stars, which I had no idea!

That is the best thing about this collection, every single piece MEANS something. You see fun, whimsy + pretty, but women building women is the backbone for us BOTH!

After getting all the feathers in-hand selected by KAT, perfecting stone settings, and shipping everything overnight, WE DID IT!!!

I'm proud of this collection, I'm proud of what women can accomplish when their forces collide. I adore what KAT does for women everywhere (please KAT come do my face one day, promise?!). AND I adore YOU!

I cannot wait to see YOUR stunning when you whip out your fantasy driven KAT FAIRCHILD collection.

Made for you with so much freaking joy + passion.

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