ARCADIA is a collection that continues the laid back luxe style SB is known for.  Laid back luxe means you get that luxurious, chic look you can dress up. It can also be styled with even your athleisure (yep yoga style) with it's comfortable fit and wearable nature.  

ARCADIA is a mythological home to Greek Gods, an unspoiled harmonious wilderness.  You will see inspiration of Grecian Goddess concepts with modern, fluid lines SB is known for.  

Why not update your look with some wearable pieces inspired by a Goddess!

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ROCKHAMPTON is the continuation of AUSTRALIA as well as our SIGNATURE collections. What is so unique about this group is Sarah actually designed and had all of the semiprecious stones cut just for us!  Every detail about the cut, finish and shine of the stones was carefully calculated to go into these pieces.  Rugged and Structural tones hidden in glamour with a minimal and wearable vibe; that's what we do best.