Gaia Crescent Charm

$ 54

The Gaia Crescent Charm is western chic mixed with desert modern. It's meant to represent different things for different people. Some may see a horseshoe and need some luck, others may see a crescent and see growth. Whatever it symbolizes and means to you is what it's supposed to do. Its the perfect grounding piece to any necklace stack and can be effortlessly layered with your other SB Charms. 

The chain is a nickel free base metal that is 14K Gold Plated (Gold) or Rhodium Plated (Platinum). We use high quality plating that is made to last! It is plated 14 times with the respective metal and then given a protective e-coat. 

Because we celebrate making our jewelry by hand here in Texas, some pieces may vary and have their own unique signature!

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