Handmade in Texas

We are proud to provide high quality, affordable jewelry that is handmade in our studio in TX. We have 20+ of the most talented artisans who skillfully handcraft each piece for you! 

When you shop Sarah Briggs, you aren't just buying beautiful jewelry, but you are creating jobs and fulfilling dreams. We want to bring you jewelry that you'll love and feel confident in. 

After all... 


Celebrating Artistry

We are obsessed with the unique touch every artisan has on each piece. This leaves a stamp on every shape, stone, and size variation saying that piece is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and truly yours! 

We celebrate idiosyncrasies that make pieces unique and go with the flow of organic differences between pieces. We continually strive to press the envelope with innovative techniques + unique artistry. 

We will continue to bring you new pieces that are as unique and beautiful as you are!