• SB'S Fave Oil blends | Set of 3

SB'S Fave Oil blends | Set of 3

$ 30.00

WE ARE THRILLED to offer these essential oil blends.  The first thing SB does when she comes in the office is get her oils going!  She has a collection at home of over 50 along with the growing collection that live on her desk. 

This kit comes with SB's personal 3 favorite go-to blends!

SUNSHINE | Strong citrus tones will bring you the clarity, focus & positivity you need to start your day. Roll this to wake up loving life and ready to attack the day!

BOSSLADY | It takes a calm, assertive approach to attack your day and this oil is going to put the power in your engine while keeping your ride nice and smooth.

PAUSE | Roll this on after a long day when you collapse on the couch, or in between touch meetings when you need a breather. Use it in the Target line when the kids are having full out tantrums. It will take you immediately to a reflective, peaceful oasis.