Zazel Large Charm

$ 400

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The Zazel Charm is stunning to say the least. This radiant cut ametrine stone shines and glistens from every angle showing of the beautiful combination of ametrine and citrine each stone holds. This is truly a stunning piece that is made to be passed down for generations to come! 

Available in 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver at approx. 1" drop.

About Ametrine- 

  • Ametrine is an incredibly rare and unique gemstone mined in one location in the world. This stunner out of Bolivia boasts golden hues of citrine and the distinct purple of amethyst.
  • Ametrine blends the benefits of masculine citrine and feminine amethyst, for balancing and healing relationship and romantic energy. It brings clarity and enhances positive thoughts. Ametrine is also said to strengthen, cleanse, and destress.

Each stone may vary slightly in color, size & texture due to the unique nature of the stone. 

Because we celebrate making our jewelry by hand here in Texas, some pieces may vary and have their own unique signature!



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